Justin Sharp, Ph.D. - Owner and Principal

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Dr. Justin Sharp, owns and operates Sharply Focused, a consultancy that bridges the knowledge and culture gap between the entities like weather services vendors and research labs offering or developing solutions to aid variable generation integration and risk management and the end-users like grid operators, IOU’s, IPP’s and traders who have specific problems and constraints to deal with.

Dr. Sharp has a Ph.D. degree from the University of Washington, working under Professor Cliff Mass and is a specialist in Pacific Northwest weather and the use of high-resolution numerical weather prediction models to forecast it. His dissertation explores the mesoscale meteorology of the Columbia Gorge, which is now home to close to 5 GW of wind energy.  He has 25+ years of experience as a meteorologist, and 17+ years of energy sector experience gained operating Sharply Focused and working at Iberdrola Renewables and Bonneville Power Administration.  He founded and directed the operational meteorology division at Iberdrola where tasks included reconciling commercial and operational data with meteorological data and providing real time 24/7 trading and operations support from a renewable energy forecasting desk.

Justin has played an active role in advocacy and policy discussions related to the application of meteorology to the energy industry, especially renewables, authoring papers, presenting at numerous workshops and helping to inform policy discussions in a diverse range of areas including FERC, NOAA leadership, DOE, and the President’s Office of Science and Technology Policy.  Dr. Sharp is passionate about bringing together the right people to create renewable integration solutions that will have a large impact.

Full details can be found in the resume linked below.

Justin Sharp,
Jan 18, 2022, 6:47 PM