About Sharply Focused LLC

Due to ongoing client work, content has not had a thorough refresh for several years.  It will be updated if/when there is a break in client work that makes a stronger web presence a priority.

Sharply Focused bridges the knowledge and culture gap between those offering or developing solutions for weather-driven variable generation integration and risk management (vendors, research labs, etc) and the end-users (grid operators, IOU’s, IPP’s, traders etc) who have specific problems to solve and real constraints to deal with.  The divide is a two-way street; people trying to deal with the impact of VG often either don’t properly understand its behavior and the limitations of the methods to manage variability and reduce uncertainty, or have constraints that prevent them from being able to implement efficient solutions.  Vendors and researchers often have poor appreciation of what the user wants, where the pain is felt or what constraints are present for their clients.  
A closer connection between meteorology and energy creates opportunity and value on both sides of the divide as well as being good for the industry.

Sharply Focused's strongest competences are: 1) Deep knowledge of how atmospheric science and grid practices can be utilized synergistically to transition the energy system in a reliable and cost-effective way and what changes need to occur to enable this, 2) A complete understanding of how VG forecasting works and its limitations, as well as a vision of how forecasting and market/system design can work more synergistically to optimize the new paradigm of almost zero-fuel cost, weather driven energy resources.  The company’s founder and principal, Dr. Justin Sharp, is considered by many as one of a handful of thought leaders producing, evaluating and promoting cost effective VG integration concepts at both a functional and policy level.
Aside from contributing to the success of our clients, a core goal of the company is to be part of the solution to enabling a renewable energy future.

The company was founded in March 2012 and its clients include investor-owned utilities, technical advocacy groups like ESIG, GridLab and USAID, research labs, the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), wind and solar energy forecasting vendors, and instrumentation producers.

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